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Tripoli late on Saturday, killing 28?? students and injuring 18 others. (Photo by Hamza Turkia/Xinhua) "I??nitial casualties indig

cate that 28 students of the military academy?? were killed and 18 others were injured as a result of an airstrike?? by foreign air force supporting the war criminal Haftar (commander?? of eastern-based army)," the UN-backed government's forces said in?? a statement. The UN-backed government's forces posted photos on th??eir official Facebook page showing bodies and injured students, as ??well as ambulances rushing to the academy's headquarters in Tripoli??. The eastern-based army has not committed on the airstrike so far.?? The eastern-based army, led by General Khalifa Haftar, has been le??ading a military campaign in aY


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nd around Tripoli since early April, ??trying to take over the city and topple the UN-backed government. T??housands have been killed and injured in the fighting, and more tha??n 120,000 people fled their homeV

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s from the violence.BEIJING, Feb. 13 -- Approved by Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping, 2,600 addi??tional medical personnel from the armed forces will be tasked with treating patientN

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s in two hospi??tals in Wuhan, capital city of Hubei Province and the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak??. Members of aS

military medical team pose for a photo in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province, ??Jan, 30, 2020. (Photo by Chen Chen/Xinhua) They will follow the operation model of Huoshenshan Ho??spital and be tasked with treating confirmed patients of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection i??n Taikang Tongji Hospital and a branch of Hubei's Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital. The t??wo hospitals, with a planned capacity of 860 and 700 beds respectively, have clinical wards, as w??ell as departments for infection control, examination, special diagnosis, radiation diagnosis, me??dical equipment, sterile supply, informatid

on and medical engineering. The reinforcement medics co??me from healthcare institutions affiliated with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Rocket Force, Strategi??c Support Force and Joint Logistic Support Force, as well as the Chinese People's Armed Police Fo??rce. Of them, a first group of 1,400 medical and nursing professionals are set to arrive in Wuhan?? Thursday before starting treating patients there immediately. So far, the armed forces have disp??atched healthcare professioS


nals in three batches, totaling 4,000, to support Wuhan in the fight a??gainst the COVID-19 outbreak.BEIJING, Dec. 26 -- A Chinese military spokesperson Thursday urged t??he United States not to implement the China-related negative clause??s in a newly signed act. Respq

onding to a question related to the si??gning of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 202??0, which contains negative elements regarding China's Taiwan, Hong ??Kong and Xinj6

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iang, Wu Qian, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Nati??onal Defense, said the Chinese armed forces firmly oppose the move.?? Speaking at a press conference, Wu said the China-related clauses ??reflect a Cold War mentality, which will also pT

lay up China-U.S. co??mpetition and sensationalize the so-called "China military threat."?? Those negative clauses grossly interfere in China's internal affai??rs, undermine the development of China-U.S. military relations, and?? damage mutual trust and bilateral cooperation, according to Wu. "W??e urge the U.S. side to abandon its Cold War mentality and its hege??monic logic, stop interfering in China's internal affairs, not impl??ement the China-related negative clauses, and take concrete actions?? to protect the overall bilateral relations and mil3

itary ties," sai??d Wu. He also refuted the so-called "China military threat" repeate??dly hyped up by some senior U.S. military officers. "The groundless?? accusations are criticisms of the United States itself," said Wu, ??adding that the United States is in no position to judge other coun??tries given its increasing military spending and poor records in cy??ber espionage, as well as other military issu8


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es. He called on the U??.S. side to adjust its view of China, security views and world view?

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? "We hope the U.S. side will bear in mind the big picture, correct?? its mt

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istakes and work with the Chinese side toward the same goal t??o achieve non-conflic1

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t, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-w??in cooperation," J


Wu stressed.The International Army Games 2018 began on Sunday with four contests in the Xinjiang Uygur a??utonomous region and Fujian province. Seventeen teams comprising 358 soldiers from 11 coun??tries are participating in the contests, which will conclude on Aug 8

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11. Some other countrie??s sent observers to the events. Three of the contests??the Suvorov Attack race and shootin??g competition by infantry fighting vehicles; the Clear Sky test for air-defense mG

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